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Made In Nevada Products

Trimmer Outpost supports Made In Nevada (MIN) Products.

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The Made in Nevada (MIN) program promotes Nevada-based businesses and products.The goal is to help businesses develop an increased volume of business inside and outside of the state. It is also the goal of the MIN program to expand the awareness of the variety of Nevada businesses.

MIN helps fosters pride in Nevada, the Made In Nevada brand and those products manufactured here.

CLICK HERE to visit the MIN Website to register with MIN or for more information on MIN businesses and resources.

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Benefits of Made In Nevada Products

Member businesses may utilize the distinctive trademark of the Made in Nevada brand. The mark gives businesses a competitive edge with a more recognizable look so consumers will easily know their products are made in Nevada.

Made in Nevada businesses are listed on the MIN Website, giving companies the ability to connect people seeking information about products they offer.

Members are provided with media coverage for advertising support, events, displays in public buildings with good traffic availability, networking and trade shows such as farmers’ markets and craft fairs. Members will also be featured in the highly successful Nevada Spirit magazine

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